If there’s one thing parenthood isn’t lacking, it’s opportunities for personal growth. For many, becoming a parent is a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from incredible joy and pure love to overwhelming self-doubt and bone-deep exhaustion. It’s a transformative journey like no other. You might feel exhilarated one moment and entirely drained the next. Amid all […]


July 28, 2023

Embracing Perspective: A Fresh Mindset for the Newborn Phase

A new mom soothes her newborn baby. Perspective can help her stay regulated.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask new parents, “can I hear your birth story?” For some listeners, there is great value in learning from the experiences of those who have given birth before them. For others, it can be healing and validating to hear birth stories that are similar to their own. When we remove any components of “competition” or fearmongering and focus on building a community for shared wisdom and support, there can be a mutual benefit from this exchange of stories.  


February 19, 2023

Birth Stories: Why They Matter and How to Share Yours

New mom maybe sharing their birth story as family visitors meet her baby in the hospital.

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is a major milestone. No, your baby won’t remember what you did or how you celebrated. You don’t need to throw a big party or shower your little one with presents. But you should celebrate…and you should do it for you.


February 5, 2023

Celebrating Baby’s First Birthday: Reflections from a Seasoned Mom

Richelle and her family celebrate their youngest child's first birthday.

Have you ever felt like your baby is fighting sleep? You’re certain they’re exhausted, and yet, no matter what you do they just won’t give in to sleep. In fact, you know with certainty your baby just needs sleep. Frustrated, you let out an audible sigh and return to shushing and rocking, despite the dull ache in your weary muscles. Finally, after an hours-long battle of wills–or was it days?–your little one finally crashes into sleep. You put them down, certain they will sleep for hours after all of that effort, but within minutes, they’re up again crying for your help. 


January 29, 2023

Tips to Help Your Overtired Baby Fall Asleep (And How to Prevent It)

Overtired baby rubs their eyes.

As you move out of the intensity of the newborn phase, you’re still adjusting to your new normal as a parent. As you prepare to return to work, one thing is almost certainly true: things have changed.  Life looks far different than it did just a few weeks ago, let alone a few months ago.

Whether you stepped away from work in order to give birth or support a birthing person, the shift back can be a lot. Here are some insights and tips to consider as you prepare for your return and navigate the transition from “new parent” to “working parent.”

Return to Work

January 22, 2023

3 (More) Tips For A Successful Return to Work After Parental Leave

Mom prepares for her return to work, holding her baby while typing on a computer.

The journey into parenthood is an emotional rollercoaster. The newborn phase is no exception. For most new parents, there are moments of pure love, unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. The peace that can accompany time spent skin-to-skin. The purity of those first smiles and giggles. The incredulous joy of witnessing each developmental leap.  For […]


January 15, 2023

New Parent Burnout: Why Asking for Help Matters

Caring for little ones can quickly lead to parental burnout.

Let’s talk about a topic near and dear to my heart: sleep for new parents.  I didn’t realize how important sleep was for my body and mind until I wasn’t getting enough of it. At the very end of my first pregnancy, I remember going to bed each night thinking, “This might be my last […]


December 18, 2022

Are You a New Parent? Here’s How to Get Better Sleep

Baby sleeps on top of a tired parent.

If you’re surprised there’s still one more trimester after birth, you’re not alone! The fourth trimester is a time of physical and emotional change for you and your newborn baby. Here are our four tips to help you navigate those first 12 weeks.


December 4, 2022

Four Tips for the Fourth Trimester 

Two new moms sit next to each other holding their newborns.

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