As you move out of the intensity of the newborn phase, you’re still adjusting to your new normal as a parent. As you prepare to return to work, one thing is almost certainly true: things have changed.  Life looks far different than it did just a few weeks ago, let alone a few months ago.

Whether you stepped away from work in order to give birth or support a birthing person, the shift back can be a lot. Here are some insights and tips to consider as you prepare for your return and navigate the transition from “new parent” to “working parent.”

Return to Work

January 22, 2023

3 (More) Tips For A Successful Return to Work After Parental Leave

Mom prepares for her return to work, holding her baby while typing on a computer.

It’s officially here, the end of your parental leave. The weeks or months of leave have turned into mere days and your first day back at work is waiting (or maybe looming) just around the corner. As you prepare to return to work, you might be feeling a range of emotions. Dread about leaving your […]

Return to Work

December 11, 2022

8 Tips to Ease Your Return to Work After Parental Leave

Multi-tasking working parent holding a baby.

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