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✓ Be seen and supported
✓ Build confidence
✓ Find your village

Adding a child to your family changes everything. And your little one depends on you for everything. That's a heavy load to carry! It's normal to feel overwhelmed and underprepared. But there's good news: you are capable of being the parent your child needs. For those moments when you find yourself questioning if you're up to the task, we're here to help you find your way.

Growing your family can feel daunting

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✓ Navigate the emotional rollercoaster
✓ Embrace your shifting identities
✓ Lead your parental leave transition
✓ Build a community of support
✓ Feel prepared for birth
✓ Maximize sleep in the early years
✓ Learn how to share the parental load
✓ Combat parental guilt and burnout
✓ Confidently face the many challenges of becoming a parent
At From Pregnant to Parent, we believe every family deserves access to professional support during and after pregnancy. Whether you're expecting, adopting, or in the ups and downs of early parenthood, our caring team of experts will help you learn to:

You shouldn't
have to do it alone

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That's why we only offer coaching from well-trained professionals: certified doulas, marriage and family therapists, sleep specialists, and more. So, you
can rest assured that you
and your little ones are
in knowledgeable and
compassionate hands.
That's why we only offer coaching from well-trained professionals: certified doulas, marriage and family therapists, sleep specialists, and more. So, you
can rest assured that you and your little ones are
in knowledgeable, compassionate hands.
Between our coaches, we have 5 kids (and counting). We know firsthand how hard it can be to find the support you need and know where to turn for reliable information. 

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Rene Thomsen
mom of 2

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a virtual class, but I am very happy with this format. Richelle was very knowledgeable, worked at a good pace, and, most importantly, was very good at communicating with all the attendees and ensuring questions were answered. I definitely recommend Richelle to other soon to be and new parents. I look forward to attending more classes and workshops with FP2P."

First-Time Mom

"She was extremely personable, professional and knowledgeable!! She was also unbiased when it came to birthing preferences and made us feel empowered as soon to be parents. After the class, my husband and I felt confident in HOW to ask questions, HOW to reach informed consent and HOW to have a satisfying labor and delivery experience!! We would 100% recommend Richelle to any expecting and/or postpartum parents!!"

Mariah Lynn
First-Time Mom

"Having a background in childhood development as a special needs teacher myself, I was searching for a class that explained both what was scientifically going on and just realistically what to expect as my spouse and I go through this transition of welcoming our child into the world. Richelle was personal and down-to-earth, while still meeting my desire for a professional presentation of scientifically proven research."

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Talk to a Coach today and take the yikes out of becoming a parent.

✓ Feel prepared for the journey ahead
✓ Reduce feelings of overwhelm
✓ Embrace your shifting identities
✓ Set yourself up for a successful parental transition
✓ Maximize sleep in the early years
✓ Feel empowered to make informed choices for your family

From Pregnant to Parent wants to help you feel prepared, supported, and confident in your role as a parent.

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