It’s officially here, the end of your parental leave. The weeks or months of leave have turned into mere days and your first day back at work is waiting (or maybe looming) just around the corner. As you prepare to return to work, you might be feeling a range of emotions. Dread about leaving your […]

Return to Work

December 11, 2022

8 Tips to Ease Your Transition Back to Work After Parental Leave

Multi-tasking working parent holding a baby.

If you’re surprised there’s still one more trimester after birth, you’re not alone! The fourth trimester is a time of physical and emotional change for you and your newborn baby. Here are our four tips to help you navigate those first 12 weeks.


December 4, 2022

Four Tips for the Fourth Trimester 

Two new moms sit next to each other holding their newborns.

You’ve probably thought about when and how you will go into labor. But have you thought about what comes next?


November 27, 2022

Preparing for Your Hospital Birth

Hip squeezes on a person in labor during a hospital birth

5 Things To Do After Finding Out You’re Pregnant It’s official, you’re going to be a parent! A positive pregnancy test can trigger big feelings, whether you were trying for a baby or not. You may feel excited about your new role, curious about your little one, anxious about how your life will change, and […]


November 20, 2022

You’re Pregnant! Now What?

A positive pregnancy test sitting on the back of a toilet.

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