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Stepping into parenthood is a wild and beautiful ride. It's a grand adventure, like a cross-country road trip an outdated map and modern GPS that cuts out every once in while. The territory you've navigating is both exciting and stressful, fun and frustrating, completely naturally and totally foreign.

With countless books, blogs, social media accounts, and advice columns, it’s strange how many of us still feel like we've been handed a puzzle with more than a few missing pieces. They may be brilliant for the basics, but sometimes you're still left feeling like you have more questions than answers. Like interpreting those cute but confusing baby cues, building a registry that first your unique needs, or navigating the post-baby career landscape.

Navigating Early Parenthood? WE've got you!

That's where we come in.

Many of the realities of this pivotal (and sometimes overwhelming) phase of parenting are left in the shadows. We're here to be your guiding light!

Real advice for real parenthood questions and challenges delivered in a customized 1-on-1 setting.

From that magical first flutter in your belly to the toddler-bed transition, we've got your back. Every step, every phase, from pregnancy to toddlerhood, we're with you, guiding you through the ebbs and flows. Parenthood might feel like a marathon—with unexpected detours—but with our one-on-one tailored guidance, you’re never running it alone.

Our private sessions are designed to address your most pressing challenges.

Puzzling over that trendy baby registry item wondering if you really need it? Planning your smooth transition back to work? Or, simply seeking strategies for those sleepless nights? We've got solutions, strategies, and support, all molded to fit your unique family journey.

Together, we’ll dive into your questions and challenges with a mix of practical advice, expert guidance, heartfelt understanding, and actionable strategies—all honed to your family's individual needs and values.

We’ll help you find the answers, develop your confidence, and build the skills you need in a session (or a few) tailored just for you.


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Navigating the intricate maze of baby registries, nursery setups, birth preferences, and feeding plans can seem daunting. Toss in understanding labor positions, advocating during labor, and anticipating what the immediate postpartum period will bring, and it's no wonder you might feel a tad overwhelmed.

But here's the silver lining: we're in this with you every step of the way. Together, we'll deep dive into each and every concern, from crafting a personalized coping strategy for labor to offering private birth classes tailored just for you. We're here to help you make sure you're not only well-prepared but brimming with confidence by the time your little one’s arrival date rolls around.

From baby gear must-haves to those swirling emotions, we're here to help you navigate the big and small of impending parenthood to conquer those pre-baby jitters!

Prenatal Coaching

Prepare for birth, baby, and parenthood.

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Sleep regressions, wake windows, bedtime routines – sounds like a whirlwind, right? But here's the thing: understanding your baby's sleep isn't just about following a set of strict rules. It's about education.

At the heart of our approach is sleep education, empowering you with knowledge to intuitively and gently optimize your little one's rest. This means fewer midnight wake-ups and a smoother nap-time rhythm. And if you ever decide sleep training is the path for you, we're right beside you. Together, we'll choose a method aligned with your goals and values, arming you with tips and tricks to ensure success. With us in your corner, the whole family will soon be on their way to better sleep.

Let’s dive deep into sleep routines, wake windows, sleep cues, and various techniques to set your little one up for sleep success.

Pediatric Sleep Coaching

Help your little one get their best sleep.

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Client Love

"This was not a simple to do list to prepare or set of rules to follow but rather personalized discussions to learn about our specific wants and needs so she was able to offer support, knowledge, and resources that felt unique to us!"

- Natalie, First-Time Mom

Parental leave is so much more than dates circled on a calendar and a pile of paperwork. It's ensuring seamless handoffs, communicating effectively with colleagues, rallying your village of support, and thoughtfully planning your return. Before your baby even makes their grand entrance, we'll sit down together to dissect your values, outline career aspirations, and map out a tailored parental leave strategy.

Our work doesn't end once the baby arrives or even when you head back to the office. Life as a working parent is an entirely new ball game – hello, 'second shift' and juggling acts!

Using the RETAIN framework as our guide, we'll stand by you for up to a year (or even longer) post-return, providing the insights and tools you need to harmoniously merge your professional life with your new parental responsibilities. With us by your side, navigating the intricate maze of time management and competing responsibilities becomes not just a dream, but a tangible reality.

Policy is just one peace of the puzzle. A successful parental leave transition is about so much more than just pay and paperwork.

Parental Leave Coaching

From planning to Returning, we've got you covered!

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Parenting is a whirlwind, isn't it? The identity shifts, the evolving relationship dynamics, the constant re-prioritizing—it's a lot. But here's where we step in. Think of us as that wise, understanding friend you can always count on, guiding you through every twist and turn.

Whether you're grappling with the weight of sharing the mental load or trying to master the juggling act of time management, we've got your back. Need a space to process the highs and lows? We're all ears. Overwhelmed and don't know how to ask for help? We’ll equip you with the tools and confidence. Battling parental burnout? We've got strategies to reignite that joy in parenthood.

From helping you organize the nitty-gritty to providing emotional support when the journey gets tough, we're more than just coaches—we're your village. And in this beautiful, tumultuous journey of raising tiny humans, having a solid village is everything.

Navigating identity evolutions and relationship dynamics is no small feat; with us, you're never alone in your parenting journey.

And so much more...

we do more than just prep, sleep, and parental leave.

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Client Love

"Richelle has both an expertise in all things birth and parenthood but also education, so my husband and I really felt like all of her support was carefully and thoughtfully tailored to meet us where we were at."

- Melissa, Mom of Two

  • You’re committed to “figuring it out as you go” and would rather do it on your own.

  • Science-backed data, inclusive language, and research-based information aren’t a priority for you and maybe even turn you off.

  • Starting a family is a distant goal or you’ve already had your baby.

We may not be right for you if...

  • You're preparing to welcome a new baby into your family, or you're a parent to an infant or toddler.

  • You’re feeling eager to learn…even if you don’t quite know where to start or what questions to ask.

  • You want to expand your parenting village with guidance and support from certified professionals you can trust.

We're right for you if...

Is this right for me?

You're not alone.

Feeling like life's in fast-forward and there's no pause button?

Imagine having a mentor you can turn to for the big questions and challenges you're facing right now.

You know the old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child?" 
It's true what they say. We were never meant to navigate this phase of life alone.

Consider our team your village of support, your confidants, your mentors in early parenting whether you are looking for a roadmap, a space to vent, or a more helpful resource than Google. We've got you covered!

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From the bustling world of high-tech management consulting to a heart-centered pivot during her own parenting journey, Richelle has seen a lot. While juggling multiple roles, her unexpected transition into motherhood ignited a passion for supporting other families through the beautiful chaos of early parenthood. This spark gave birth to "From Pregnant to Parent"—the modern-day parenting village she proudly founded in 2019.

Richelle's hands-on experience, coupled with her extensive certifications—from childbirth education and doula services to specialized training in RETAIN Parental Leave coaching and sleep consulting—equips her with a comprehensive toolkit to guide families. Specializing in areas such as navigating identity shifts, parental burnout, childbirth prep, and building robust support systems, she’s dedicated to helping parents thrive, not just survive.

Outside of her coaching role, Richelle cherishes moments with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area, whether that's a trip to the farmer’s market, a day at the zoo, or a cozy movie night.

Coach Richelle Clayton


Client Love

"Richelle offered such a nonjudgmental, safe, and collaborative environment where we were able to come up with a variety of solutions and ideas to try so that we could ultimately find answers that worked for our baby and our individual family needs."

-Natalie, First-Time Mom


Nestled in the heart of Marin County, Christina operates as a seasoned therapist, holding a special torch for maternal mental health and guiding individuals seamlessly through their parenting journey. With roles in diverse settings like reproductive health centers to schools, her vast experience offers a unique blend of insights.

The joy and challenges of being a mom to two spirited boys have deeply shaped Christina. While her professional journey began long before motherhood, her personal experience gave rise to an invigorated dedication to empower parents. This dedication is underpinned by a trove of certifications, including specialized training in maternal mental health from renowned institutes.

Outside her therapist chair, Christina thrives on connections with fellow moms, nature’s tranquility, and yes, the occasional reality TV indulgence on Bravo. Balancing work, family, and her personal zest, she truly embodies the spirit of modern motherhood.

Her specialties encompass a broad spectrum, from tackling perinatal mood disorders and stress management to guiding parents through leave transitions and building robust support systems.

Coach Christina Klein

LMFT, RETAIN Parental Leave Coach, Fair Play Facilitator

Client Love

"I’m eternally grateful for the support I received from Christina as I was preparing to become a mother for the first time, once my precious little man arrived, and in the many months since. They say it takes a village, and Christina has been a transformative part of mine."

- LB, Perinatal Coaching Client


With her roots in Bloomington, Indiana, Emily seamlessly blends her roles as a birth and postpartum doula with her flair as a perinatal educator. In 2019, she spearheaded The Matrescence Project–-an initiative that fosters the indispensable power of peer support during the tender voyage to early parenthood.

Beyond her nurturing touch in the realm of birth work and coaching, Emily stands as a formidable presence in corporate HR and Leadership Development. Over a decade, she has curated her reputation as a dynamic presenter and a catalyst in strategy-building. Her past, filled with the colors of Ireland and pivotal roles in European marketing, adds a cosmopolitan depth to her expertise.

Rich with certifications, Emily's mantle boasts credentials from prestigious institutes like Lamaze International, Gallup, and DONA International. Her TEDx talk is a testament to her fervor and dedication to her craft.

Her specialties shine a light on facets like perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, preparation for labor across all dimensions, parental leave coaching, and support for non-birthing partners.

Coach Emily Phelps

Birth and Postpartum Doula, RETAIN Parental Leave Coach

Client Love

"[Emily] was so understanding, caring, and supportive. I feel that she caught us as we were plummeting and helped us get back on our feet."

- EF, Postpartum Client

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