Enjoy Parenthood, Don't Just Survive It

Empowered and Grounded


You love your kids. Let's get you back to loving your life, too.

It's time to make some changes.

You're a go-getter, maybe even an overachiever, the kind of person who is used to having their s*** together. 

But parenthood has thrown you for a loop. For (quite possibly) the first time in your life, you may even feel like you're failing.

Right now, you probably need three things:
  1. A better understanding of what you need to show up as your best self more often and start enjoying your life again.
  2. A game plan for how to make time for YOU in your life.
  3. Support and validation from other moms who just get it.

You need someone who can help you reconnect with who you are as an individual (the you that you were before you became a parent), who isn't going to shame you or judge you, and who is going to hold you accountable so you can feel real, meaningful change.


Client Love

"From the very beginning, Richelle was genuine, warm, incredibly caring and extremely knowledgeable. I was blown away by the level of support she provided."

- Danielle W., First-Time Mom

Let's get this straight...

I'm not going to sit you down and tell you to add a few new self-care routines to your life. You can't "self-care" your way out of parental burnout and overwhelm with a bubble bath, a gym membership, and a new skin care routine.

It's exhausting to think about adding more to your already overloaded plate.

I'd much rather help you get to the root cause of your burnout, overwhelm, (and possibly even resentment) to help you experience real, lasting change.

I'll help you uncover who you are, what's important to you, and what you really need to get out of survival mode and start enjoying your life again. I'm here to help you surface your expectations, set some new boundaries, and create breathing room in your life again so it's easier to show up as the person you want to be.

The messy side of parenthood that "no one" talks about?
That's what I love to dig into.

My favorite things is to help you reconnect with you who are and what matters to you to see how we can create more space in your life for the things you need to show up as the person (and parent) you want to be and enjoy your life.

Together, we're work directly with one another to tackle a variety of challenges that you're facing in your life, like:

Your little one's childhood is your parenthood, and you both deserve to enjoy it!

Empowered & Grounded


Getting crystal clear on who YOU want to be vs. who you're been told you're supposed to be.

Surfacing the expectations that may be sabotaging your happiness (and stealing your time).

Figuring out what genuinely recharges you and how to create the space in your life for your needs.

Improving communication with your partner and the way you share the load when it comes to your responsibilities.


Client Love

"Richelle is charting out a new and much-needed model of supporting new parents, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have benefited from her care and guidance."

- Melissa C., Repeat Client



Before you even get started, we'll discuss your greatest challenges, the right level of support for your needs and lifestyle, and come up with a plan to reach your goals for how you want to feel by the end of our time together.

We assess your needs & make a plan


Coaching Process

What to expect

During our time together, you'll have access to a resource library full of information, tools, and resources to support you on this journey of personal growth. Move through the resources at your own pace, accessing what you need when you need it.

We kick-off your personal growth journey

I'll be by your side every step of the way to hold space for you as you explore and process whatever comes up. I'll also be here to hold you accountable, deepen your learning, and help you apply those learnings to your real-life scenarios.

We're in this together every step of the way


  • You're looking for a "quick fix" or some kind of "magic bullet" to solve all of your problems.
  • You're not willing to get vulnerable, be honest about what you're struggling with, and try to implement what you're learning.
  • You’re committed to “figuring it out as you go” and would rather do it on your own.

This may not be for you if...

  • You're currently parenting a young child, think infancy through early elementary school.
  • You're struggling with parental burnout, guilt, resentment, or some combination of all three and you're READY for a change.
  • You're ready to make space for YOU in your life and commit to doing the work, 1 - 2 hours per week (most weeks).

This is for you if...

How do I know if this is right for me?

I know what it's like to feel like you've lost yourself because I've been there. Not just once, but twice, life threw me for a loop and forced me into transition I wasn't ready for...and both times I came through the other side stronger and more in touch with who I am and what I need.

The first time was in 2012 when my athletic career came to an abrupt halt due to a severe back injury. And the second time was in 2018 when I unexpectedly became a mom in the midst of a massive career transition.

In 2019 I set out with the mission to create a modern-day parenting village and haven't looked back. Since day 1, that mission has been driven by my desire to support parents through the transition of becoming a parent with more confidence and help you find joy in your parenthood experience.

If you want help finding your way back to you and creating a strategy to care for yourself that actually works so you can enjoy more of your kids, your life, and your role as a parent, you're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Richelle Clayton!


San Francisco Bay Area, CA

My Credentials

Real stories of transformation from clients who benefited from using this framework.

Real Client Stories

Jenna moved from feeling alone and lost to finding a supportive community where she could be authentic. The group's tools and discussions revitalized her approach to the daily challenges of being a stay-at-home mom, preserving her mental well-being and strengthening her marriage.

In her own words:

Jenna G.

“When I first joined, I felt alone and lost. I had a pressing need for a mama community and I am so glad I found it. 

I loved having a safe space to be real and not have to pretend like my reality was sunshine and rainbows. This group transformed me mentally

The tools discussed have given me new insight and perspective to combat the bone-deep exhaustion and survive the repetitive daily grind as a SAHM.

These tools saved my sanity and quite possibly my marriage."

Laura was able to reconnect with you she is and what fills her cup while letting of the guilt that was holding her back from caring for her needs. She is learning to let go of perfectionism, partner with husband, and finding more confidence as a parent and build a better connection with her daughter.

In her own words:

Laura M.

"The group definitely helped guide me reconnect to myself and taught me that who I am matters and the time I put into myself is not selfish.

As a mom of a “spicy” 3.5 year I spent the first few years of her life thinking I wasn’t cut out for motherhood because I wasn’t enjoying every single moment. The group made me shift my mindset and prioritize myself, as well as my family which ultimately brought me more confidence in myself and as a mother as well. It helped me full heartedly believe that I was meant to be my daughter’s mother.

I struggled and still struggle with expectations and burnout the most. I used to hold this thought that everything had to be perfect in order to feel successful as a mother and that can’t be further from the truth. The group taught me and helped me reconnect with my individual child and appreciate her for all that she is, even the less than ideal behaviors.

I also learned that I don’t have to do it all every single day. It’s ok to ask for help and take time for me, which is something I haven’t done since my daughter was born. The group also shed light on things that I need to continue working on, like working with my husband on the same team and that parenting is a reason for us to battle each other."

What exactly is included in the program?

What exactly is included in the program?

Answers to Your Questions

Empowered and Grounded is the most intensive program I offer on purpose; it's designed to help you feel real, lasting change. You'll either make a 3-month or 6-month commitment, which includes bi-weekly or monthly coaching calls with me, Richelle Clayton.

Between calls, you'll have homework assignments that range from "take time for you" to "ask your partner for help with x" to things like "explore x module" or "complete the worksheet in lesson x." And you'll have access to me through an online platform that you can access from your phone. Think of my as your listening ear when you need to vent, your personal cheerleader for each win along the way, and your personal sounding board as you explore what's coming up and figure out what exactly you need.

You know what else you'll have access to via that online platform? A community of other parents going through the program because we all need a little extra support and validation sometimes. You'll even have the option to attend weekly, community calls to meet and lean on those other members.

You'll learn more about what's included and the right level of support for you on our discovery call!

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

The price depends on how how much support you want and how long you want to work together, but the short answer is that the total investment for this program starts at $1500. You'll have the option to pay upfront or make monthly payments.

If this is outside of your budget, but you'd still like to work together, I highly recommend you check out "Rediscovering Yourself in Parenthood." It's a less-intensive, lower-cost small group coaching experience that I run 2 - 3 times a year, and it covers a lot of the same topics! In fact, that group actually inspired this program.

This type of coaching is an investment, I know! I promise, the price is reflective of the value I provide, the care I put into the program, and my expertise as your coach. We'll talk more about rates and which option makes the most sense for you in our initial free strategy call after you apply! 

I still have a question and can't find the answer...

I still have a question and can't find the answer...

The best way to find our more information is start by filling out the application and booking a free strategy call with me! You can do that by clicking here

During that call, I'll tell you more about me and the program, and we'll also discuss the challenges you're currently facing to help us decide if it makes sense to move forward with working together.

You can also send me an email at hello@frompregnanttoparent.com or send me a message on Instagram at @frompregnanttoparent.
I never pictured myself as a mom growing up. As I got older, I always thought I'd be the "cool aunt" living a life that was all about what I did for a living, maybe some cool travel trips thrown in.

This life of mine isn't anything like what I back then imagined, but I genuinely enjoy it! Even better, I learned how to separate my value as a person from what I do for a living, to start living a life that's in alignment with who I am and what I value...without sacrificing my needs, goals, or aspirations.

And I want that for you, too--a life that fills you up, lights you up, and sets you up for success to show up for your kids as the parent you want to be more often, even when it's hard.

Let's get started!

Start enjoying your life again without feeling like you're failing as a parent or neglecting your kids