Enjoy Parenthood, Don't Just Survive It

Empowered and Grounded

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Real stories of transformation from clients who benefited from using this framework.

Real Client Stories

Jenna moved from feeling alone and lost to finding a supportive community where she could be authentic. The group's tools and discussions revitalized her approach to the daily challenges of being a stay-at-home mom, preserving her mental well-being and strengthening her marriage.

In her own words:

Jenna G.

“When I first joined, I felt alone and lost. I had a pressing need for a mama community and I am so glad I found it. 

I loved having a safe space to be real and not have to pretend like my reality was sunshine and rainbows. This group transformed me mentally

The tools discussed have given me new insight and perspective to combat the bone-deep exhaustion and survive the repetitive daily grind as a SAHM.

These tools saved my sanity and quite possibly my marriage."

Laura was able to reconnect with you she is and what fills her cup while letting of the guilt that was holding her back from caring for her needs. She is learning to let go of perfectionism, partner with husband, and finding more confidence as a parent and build a better connection with her daughter.

In her own words:

Laura M.

"The group definitely helped guide me reconnect to myself and taught me that who I am matters and the time I put into myself is not selfish.

As a mom of a “spicy” 3.5 year I spent the first few years of her life thinking I wasn’t cut out for motherhood because I wasn’t enjoying every single moment. The group made me shift my mindset and prioritize myself, as well as my family which ultimately brought me more confidence in myself and as a mother as well. It helped me full heartedly believe that I was meant to be my daughter’s mother.

I struggled and still struggle with expectations and burnout the most. I used to hold this thought that everything had to be perfect in order to feel successful as a mother and that can’t be further from the truth. The group taught me and helped me reconnect with my individual child and appreciate her for all that she is, even the less than ideal behaviors.

I also learned that I don’t have to do it all every single day. It’s ok to ask for help and take time for me, which is something I haven’t done since my daughter was born. The group also shed light on things that I need to continue working on, like working with my husband on the same team and that parenting is a reason for us to battle each other."