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Birth is natural, so why the heck does it feel so overwhelming at time? Everyone seems to have an opinion on the "right" way to welcome a baby into the world, but the truth is, there is no one right way...just the right way for you, your body, and your baby (or babies).

Two individuals can experience birth under seemingly identical circumstances and come away with completely different perspectives, different stories. Why is that? Because no two people are exactly the same.

We all have our own goals, desires, values, and preferences. You deserve to give birth surrounded by a team that not only recognizes this but celebrates it—a team committed to answering your questions, ensuring you understand those answers, and making you feel seen and heard throughout your journey from pregnancy into parenthood. Finding the right doula for your team can be an integral part of creating that environment, offering personalized support, continuous care, and informed understanding.

pReparing for birth can feel complicated

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Numerous studies highlight the significant advantages of having continuous support during labor. These benefits are even more pronounced when this support is provided by a trained doula, rather than a family member, friend, or other social network member...though we love working alongside these folks to support you!

Research consistently shows that doulas play a critical and highly effective role on the birth team, presenting a low-risk option that can significantly enhance the birthing experience for all parents.

Whether you're planning a hospital birth, a home birth, or are open to different birth experiences, our aim is to ensure you feel thoroughly prepared and supported—both educationally and emotionally—as you embark on this exciting next chapter of parenthood.

Research Agrees—Doulas are Beneficial

From the bustling world of high-tech management consulting to a heart-centered career that brought me here, I have a wide breadth of professional experiences. While juggling multiple roles, my unexpected journey into motherhood ignited a passion for supporting other families through the beautiful chaos that is early parenthood. This spark gave birth to "From Pregnant to Parent" in 2019, and I have yet to look back!

My hands-on experience as a mom, coupled with extensive certifications—from childbirth education and doula services to specialized training as a RETAIN Parental Leave Coach and Sleep Coach—forms a comprehensive toolkit to guide families. Specializing in areas such as navigating identity shifts, parental burnout, childbirth prep, and building robust support systems, I'm dedicated to helping parents thrive, not just survive...and that starts with a satisfying birth experience.

Outside of this work, I cherish those fully-unplugged moments with my family, whether that's a trip to the farmer’s market, a day at the zoo, or a cozy night in watching a movie or Avalanche hockey.

Please note, I'm currently exclusively supporting families in partnership with Chelsey Worth (see below).

Hi, I'm Richelle!


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Chelsey is professionally trained and certified as a birth + postpartum doula as well as an infant feeding specialist. As the mother of her own two children and an active member of her local Marin parenting community, Chelsey intimately knows how very different each birth and baby can be.

She has a passion for the empowerment of birthing people and aims to reduces fear and instill strength in all the families that she serves. Some clients call Chelsey the “fairy godmother of labor” and others have referred to her as their own personal “baby encyclopedia”. Either one is good to have around in a pinch...and I am SO incredibly grateful to do this work with her!

Meet My Doula Partner, Chelsey Worth

Founder + chief empowerment officer at Northern California Doulas, Owner of Born Doulas, birth + postpartum doula, infant feeding specialist

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✓ Set yourself up for a successful parental transition
✓ Feel prepared for the journey ahead
✓ Reduce feelings of overwhelm and isolation
✓ Combat parental burnout, guilt, and resentment
✓ Explore and integrate your shifting identities
✓ Maximize sleep in the early years
✓ Feel empowered to make informed choices for your family

We want you to feel prepared, supported, and confident in your role as a parent. We're here to help you:

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